Deep Skilling & Problem Solving on Embedded Linux

By Raghu Bharadwaj

Intense | Insightful | Break-Through Learning Approach

By Raghu Bharadwaj

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Raghu Bharadwaj

Trained Over 50 tech companies

Considered the finest in India, Raghu Bharadwaj has delivered training to clients including giants like Qualcomm, Mercedes Benz, GE, NXP, AMD among others

Unique Learning Pedagogy

Raghu Bharadwaj is widely regarded for imparting unique learning models for a sustained skilling experience

Early Linux Adopter

Raghu is one of the early adopters of Linux since 1999. He walks you through the history & changes

Books & Publications

Author of best seller. Available at Amazon

Become a Certified Embedded Linux Engineer

Our training programs are widely recognized across OEMs, Embedded, Defense establishments, Automotive, FPGA, Networking and other core companies. Add the extra edge and value to your profile with our certification.

On completion of Professional / Mentoring programs participants will have the opportunity to take our certification test and become certified engineers

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Upcoming Programs

Deep Skills & Problem Solving Mastery

With our unparalleled training methodology

unique learning approach

Concepts apart we focus on imparting techniques for sustained learning

mental models & processes

Creating mental models for greater clarity, self analysis and skill utility

problem solving & self learning

Developing approaches to problem solving in real work environs

Participants’ Speak

I got an offer from Qualcomm with a 400% hike. This was made possible because of TECHVEDA. Thanks to the great way of teaching by Raghu Sir, I was able to sail through a 2.5 hour in-depth technical discussion with ease

Prafull Kumar

Sr. Engineer, Qualcomm

If you want to skyrocket your career and also wish to break the barrier of the cliche “relevant experience matters” – blindly join this enlightening program and let Raghu sir do the magic for you because he precisely knows how to teach, what to teach, where to start and how to end in a seamless manner

PS: If you think you have exceptional knowledge in Linux or in any embedded topics then wait till you meet this man, his skill/knowledge knows no bounds. There is absolutely no exaggeration here.

Sai Satish

Engineer, Maxlinear

I had a dream of learning all about Linux directly from Raghu Sir for last ten years and it got fulfilled this year. He is more than what I had already heard about him in my first company at Hyderabad 10 years back. He is an exceptional teacher with great control over subject and a crystal clear communication.

I have enrolled for all the 4 coursed offered by him currently as I did not want to miss even an iota of whatever he teaches. For some my review might look like an exaggeration, but I would request them to enroll in for at least one of the courses offered by him and see the magic he creates. Thank you Raghu Sir.. You simply are a wizard of Linux

Abhishek Roy

Sr. Engineer, John Deer

Our Clients

  • Exaleap Semiconductor
  • Mercedes Benz (multiple batches)
  • Advanced Electronics Company, Riyadh
  • NXP
  • Stryker (multiple batches)
  • Canon
  • Fujitsu
  • TCS
  • Sasken (multiple batches)
  • CMC
  • Cognizant (Bangalore and Hyderabad)
  • DRDL (Ministry of Defense) (Multiple batches)
  • RCI (Ministry of Defense) (Multiple batches)
  • ASL (Ministry of Defense) (Multiple batches)
  • Brahmos (Ministry of Defense)
  • Harman International
  • Xilinx (multiple batches)
  • Broadcom
  • TechMahindra
  • NCR
  • Server Engines
  • UTC-FS
  • NRSA
  • One Convergence (multiple batches)
  • Powerwave (multiple batches)
  • Sipera Systems
  • Mezztech
  • ST Microelectronics
  • GE (multiple batches)
  • Silicon Image (multiple batches)
  • Qualcomm
  • AMD
  • Murata
  • Capgemini
  • Lattice Semiconductors
  • Speck Systems
  • Honeywell
  • Server Engine
  • Elico Ltd
  • ICOMM Tele
  • Navayuga Infotech P Ltd
  • Linkwell Telesystems P Ltd
  • Gaian Group
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