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Our objective is not to make participants get a job rather create engineers who can build great careers using their skills. Each of these successful engineers listed below have a story to tell and a vision ahead of them, getting a job, for them was just part of the process

Ashish Chavan

Placed at Qualcomm (10LPA)

Just after the first few sessions of our mentoring program, I realized that what I was learning is quite phenomenal, and for me to get this kind of knowledge from any other source would have been quite impossible. Following his instructions, listening him out with total surrender worked wonders for me. Everyday I thank myself for choosing TECH VEDA. Today I’m happy to be part of Qualcomm

Sachin Agarwal

Placed at Parimitha (6.5LPA)

His insistence on learning the right way, thinking the right way and doing the right way is commendable. One of the finest aspect that I learned from him is to develop the capacity to think your way out of problems and challenges that system programming presents to you quite often

Anand Sypureddy

Placed at Monta Vista (6LPA)

The kind of completeness and comprehension that Raghu sir brings to the topics is absolutely mind blowing. You know that you are listening to the right thing in the right context. Nothing seems to be thrown at you, rather there is a fullness and progressive perspective that we gain as listeners. Truly remarkable

Full Program Details

(Currently halted due to COVID-19 pandemic)

Program Duration & Fee

  • Duration: 4 months
  • Fee: ₹29,990/- plus GST @ 18%

Admissions through entrance test

  • Online Test & Interview Date: TBA (On C language, OS & Communication skills)
  • Course start date: TBA

Criteria for applying

  1. 60% score in academics till Engineering/PG
  2. 2019/’20 passed out (highest qualification)
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Orientation introduces participants to Linux as a programming environment. Participants will learn advanced C programming concepts along with understanding Linux OS

Program Contents

Linux basics

  • Introduction to Linux programming environment
  • Exploring essential commands and tools

Advanced C

  • Functions
  • Introduction
  • Operators
  • Bitwise operators
  • Control structures
  • Functions
  • Variadic functions
  • Pointers
  • Pointers & Arrays
  • Pointers & 2D Arrays
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Structures
  • Structures & Unions
  • File I/O
  • Stacks and Queues
  • Linked list
Linux kernel programming

• Essentials of Linux kernel architecture

• Modifying kernel sources

• Kernel configuration and compilation

• Introduction to kernel modules

Modules programming

• Building kernel module binary

• Tools for module management

• Tracking module dependency

• Module parameters

• Kernel symbol table

• Exporting Module symbols

Embedded Linux System

• Introduction to embedded Linux

• Key components of embedded Linux sys.

• Bootrom

• Bootloader

• Linux kernel

• Application binaries and rootfs

• Init package

• Build steps

Build Systems

• Build practices

• Need for a build system

• How build systems are structured

• Popular build systems


• Introduction to Buildroot project

• Structure of Buildroot and build trees

• Toolchain configuration

• Kernel configuration

• Rootfs configuration

Deployment and Test (Beagle Bone Black target)

• Boot from SD card

• TFTP and NFS

• Initramfs

• Deploying applications


• Yocto project

• Openembedded core

• Poky, • Bitbake

• Setting up the host system

• Installing Poky

Layers and Recipes

• Introduction to layers

• Types of layers

• Key configuration files

• Introduction to recipes

• Types of recipe files

• Writing a recipe

      • Operators, • Sources, • Writing tasks

      • Extending recipes

• Masking recipes


• Introduction to classes

• Common classes

• Base class

• Keywords

BSP Layers

• Creating BSP layer

• Configuration

• Bootloader recipes

• Kernel recipes

      • Linux Yocto kernels

      • Managing kernel patches

      • Kernel configuration

      • Kernel classes


• Organization of image recipe

• Image FS types

• Creating an image


• Yocto project SDK

• Types of SDKs

• SDK format • SDK installation

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Mentorship Program Process


We follow a linearly designed mentoring process, where participants grow from a beginner to being a thorough programming professional. This step-by-step system has been designed by Raghu Bharadwaj to impart maximum skills in the easiest possible manner for a fresher


Part 1 - C Programming

  • Participants will be trained to have the outlook of a system programmer
  • Participants will be trained & tested in using C language for system programming
  • Participants will comprehend what it takes to become a successful system/embedded developer

Part 4 - Embedded Linux & Yocto

  • Participants will be trained hands-on embedded Linux & Yocto
  • Participants will work on Beagle Bone Black and other customized hardware

Part 2 - Linux System Programming

  • Participants will learn concepts and nuances of system programming
  • Participants will start writing system level programs
  • Participants will gain the right foundation to learn advanced concepts like Kernel & Device Drivers

Part 5 - Certification

  • Participants will revise & test programming concepts
  • Will take our certification test
  • Getting ready for placement days (includes intense revisions)

Part 3 - Linux Kernel Essentials

  • Participants will be introduced to Linux kernel space
  • Understand fundamentals aspects of module programming
  • Participants will prepare to move from conventional platforms to Embedded Linux environment

Part 6 - Placements

  • Participants will start attending interviews
  • Post interview introspection, and re-training, if needed
  • Securing relevant placements

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