What our participants and clients are saying


I don’t understand how to start…Ok let me start with my decision of choosing Tech Veda. Aspiring for career growth I chose Linux and Tech Veda🙂.Started taking the course and I didn’t know when I have fallen in love with Linux.That’s the magic being done by Raghu sir.
There are times where seriousness towards it is reduced and sir very well knows how to bring it back (he seldom gets angry but when he gets it will pin u to the point). Sir gets to know even if you pretend that you are serious (has his own way of debugging to catch the bugs in us 😉 )

Blessed to have him as my teacher🙏🏼🙇🏻‍♀️..I usually feel emotional and involved when he teaches bcoz it’s not just teaching but it’s teaching with an intention that opens our mind and it makes us thinking in a way even we are not aware of…thought process automatically evolves!!!

To the world you may be a teacher but to me you are a star and will always be!!!!!!! I always wonder what can I give in return …putting skill in me…making me more dedicated ,fall in love with concepts and learning again n again..what not!!!
I can only promise that I will try my best and use the knowledge given efficiently. Friends I’m not reviewing Tech Veda…it already has its mark and it’s already known for its excellence,I only took the opportunity to convey this to my teacher.
And for you people if u r really dedicated in learning linux this is the place where you have to kick start…bcoz it shows you the right path.
Bhanu Sree

Software Engineer

Mr Raghu (Linux guru) I am so honored to have you as my mentor, it’s very rare a student can come across such great a mentor, his Passion, knowledge and domain expertise makes him deliver concepts in a simplified way. I strongly recommend all the courses offered by Veda solutions (TECH VEDA) to every Linux developer, as this the one and only best place to get what exactly we need. My success today is because of your support and mentor ship, I appreciate you so much and value everything I have learned from you. I will remain for ever grateful. Once again thank you for everything sir

Shashidhar Potarlanka

Software Engineer, UTC Aerospace

Without having any second thought, I can say techveda provides the best Linux system programming training available in tech industry. Thank you so much Raghu Bharadwaj Sir, for your excellent articulation of complex topics in a simple manner and for covering the deep secrets of Linux internals, which is generally never seen in Linux books


Software Engineer

I saw in Raghu 3 great qualities any teacher should have i.e love for the profession, in-depth subject knowledge and tremendous patience to answer all the questions posed.

His courses are worth every penny that you spend and he also makes it simple. It’s amazing how he has put in so much of time and effort to create so many working code examples and presentation slides to explain LINUX OS concepts. He truly fits the bill of a ‘TECH GURU’ !

I would highly recommend his courses for anyone who want to get a grip on OS internals

Arut Selvan

Senior Software Engineer, Meeru Networks

The training with Raghu was a wonderful experience for me. I had some experience with Linux and kernel which I gather from books, reference documents and experiments. But I was impressed by the way Raghu taught the complex thing with simplicity and in-detail. He not only covered all the topic with example but enabled us view the subject in various angles.

I thank him a lot for sharing his knowledge with honesty


Senior Software Engineer, ST Microelectronics

I have read through lot of materials on Linux and have been working on Linux for some time. Everything seemed quite complicated and enormous until I came across Techveda and Raghu. After listening to Raghu, I could stitch all the pieces of Linux quite easily and manage to learn more, because the fundamentals has been addressed. His teaching technique and content are tailored made to industry professionals. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Raghu has the caliber of professors from great institutes like IIT’s, MIT, Stanford, CMU etc..

My strong recommendation to all those aspiring to be system engineers is to take up the courses from Techveda and work through them to gain greater insights. Their e-learning modules are also of great advantage. Thanks to Techveda and Raghu who are doing a great job spreading knowledge at affordable price


Senior Software Engineer, Radisys

The Embedded Linux training was delivered to our expectations. We had requested to customize the program to specifically meet our needs, and Raghu has done just that. My team has benefited a lot and are all in praise of Raghu. I thank TECH VEDA for the efforts.

Manish Kumar Agarwal

Lead Engineer, NXP

I consider this course “Linux Driver & Embedded Developer” as a boon for both Freshers & Experienced who want to build their career in Linux Device-drivers or Kernel-programming. The entire course is designed in a very conceptual-way that even if you are a beginner, it won’t take much time to build the fundamentals. The course is more of a practical than just theoretical and has provided me a wide-exposure and clarity on various concepts than I have ever got through any book or course.

Talking about Raghu sir, he is one of the finest teacher and mentor I’ve ever met in my life. He taught each and every topic in such a depth and with real-time examples that I was surprised many a times that my doubts were solved even before asking. His way of presenting the concepts and relating the topics is really impressive and unique.

It was a life-time opportunity for me to attend this course from a brilliant and insightful teacher like Raghu sir. Thus, I highly recommend this course to every Linux-enthusiast who wants to understand Linux from depth and have a passion to work in this field.


Software Engineer

We had engaged TECH VEDA for ramping-up skill-set of our associates on Device Drivers for a very critical and important project. The methodology adopted by Raghu and team was outstanding, the associates had learnt a lot during the training. The training was very well structured, simplified and replete with practical sessions and very well taught.

We can say that he was one of the best instructors we have come across. He has a gift of simplifying and articulating very complex topics.


Architect for Next Gen Products, TCS

Before giving a feedback I want to give my background. I have worked with Samsung India for 4 years on Mobile Platforms and Drivers. Learning Linux was always was always my passion since IIT-BHU days and had studied Linux literature like LDD3 and Robert Love in college only.

I joined this course for sake for gaining extra knowledge and came with a pre-assumption that faculty would try to teach me stuff I know already and that my time would be wasted. But to my surprise Mr. Raghu through his brilliant course content, eloquent and simple way of delivering complex material have surprised me and gained my full respect.

Feedback On Part 1 (Linux Programming Essentials)

By looking at the brochure I felt that most of the stuff I already knew like Process Management, POSIX, Netwroking, libraires, object files stack etc. since I was working on these areas for 4 years.

But it was very wrong of me to assume that we already know what Mr. Raghu is going to teach and that it will not be beneficial or will waste time. Believe me – if you want to learn Linux come here with an empty cup – adapt to Mr. Raghu’s teaching style then only move on to drivers. (Not attending Part 1 is a very foolish attempt). If somebody wants to learn drivers he/she needs to go through Part 1 for following reasons:

  1. Experienced students – We mostly know theoretical stuff in comparison to what is taught in class on Linux. You will get to see practically the things we know exist in OSes with an elaborate real example with a brilliant background on each topic. It will strengthen your understanding of even the basics of topics. Trust Mr. Raghu on that. If you have passion for Linux, you cannot find a more insightful and interesting teacher. You will gain so many tips and tricks on Linux that you will surprise many.
  2. Freshers – You will learn more in 3 months than you will learn 3 years in industry.

Feedback on Part 2 (Linux Kernel and Device Drivers)

Even after studying LDD3 many times I had hundreds of questions in my mind. Mostly like why a particular procedure to write char drivers or what is platform driver, block driver. Mr. Raghu explained the basics to advanced architecture of each driver in such a way that I don’t have to think twice what way I need to implement a particular driver.

After this course, when I go through many real drivers I understand them better now.

I congratulate and thank Mr. Raghu on running such a beautiful course for us Linux enthusiasts. Proud to be your student

Alok Singh

Software Engineer, Samsung