Building Real-Time Embedded Systems with Zephyr Project

Designing and implementing embedded systems & applications using the Zephyr Project

Who Should Enroll

  • Embedded developers specifically looking to work with Zephyr
  • Embedded developers looking to broaden their domain expertise
  • Programmers looking to develop real-time embedded systems

“The course includes hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts learned throughout the course. By the end of the training, participants will have a solid understanding of the Zephyr Project and be able to apply it to their embedded system development projects”

Raghu Bharadwaj


  • Starts: TBA
  • Duration: 25+ hours
  • Mode: Virtual live
  • Session Time: 10am to 1:30pm (Weekends Only)

Program Fee & Other Details

  • Program Fee: ₹9,990/- plus GST @ 18%
  • Prerequisite: Embedded Linux
  • Delivered by: Raghu Bharadwaj

Raghu Bharadwaj

Leading Linux Mentor, with an experience spanning over 2 decades, who is considered as the premier speaker on the Linux Kernel and how programmers can leverage Linux to its fullest potential for writing system and embedded software. He has trained over 50 corporates, including companies like AMD, Qualcomm, NXP, GE, Broadcom, Canon, Mercedes to name a few. His students are spread across the globe and over 100 companies.

He specially known for his highly eloquent lectures, unique problem-solving and upskilling approaches

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