‘SMART’ is the new buzzword, common people like us are now seriously looking for devices, or even simple things that can act smart and make their jobs easy. With a steady surge in demand for gadgets that can assist you in your day to day activities in a much smarter and surprising manner, embedded makers are no more limiting their gadgets to fixed features, rather equipping them with flexible behavior, thanks to AI. These devices which are capable of self evolving on the go, is what people need and is what the future holds. They learn, store, recollect and adapt to user’s choices and preferences, giving the user a feeling of interacting with a being rather than a device

What is even more fascinating is that there are far reaching possibilities with such devices. The best thing to guess is that everything or anything that we use could virtually turn into a smart self evolving gadget. Some of its applications which are bound to revolutionize the immediate future would include embedded vision and speech, where you get devices which would recognize speech, face or other bio-metrics to give you a fully individualized service.

As engineers this is exceptional new for us, as we will have to be proportionately ready to take up the challenges of developing these smart devices and deliver what people need